Hours: SXSW Review

Hours: SXSW Review
He's alone on the floor by the time he learns, in the dark, that the machine's battery is failing; he finds a crank recharger, but the defective battery can only accept two or three minutes' worth of power at a time. Tethered to the crank-generator, he …
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Goodbye Girls, Hello Heaven? To Nicola Roberts By Aidan Moffat
… I must say; it was swinging about quite shakily for most of that first number. Then there was 'Wake Me Up' – curiously absent form your new hits compilation, Ten, I notice – and 'Love Machine', 'Biology', 'Sexy! … People can get snobby about pop …
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Thats Exactly What We Are As a People,Its the Negativity That Excites Us
It's on days and nights like these that we are given the assurance that we are right to juggle with our emotions following this game, we are right to lay our devotion to this 90-minute show, we are right to retain our subscription to this one-and-half …
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