How a Wired magazine story became Ben Affleck's "Argo"

How a Wired magazine story became Ben Affleck's "Argo"
Nicholas Thompson in The New Yorker: "The climax of the movie Argo takes place at the airport in Tehran. Six Americans, having hidden in Iran for three months, are taking this one chance to get out of a country that's embroiled in revolution and anger.
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The Atlantic's Magazine Content Comes to iPhone
If you've ever wished you could read stories from The Atlantic's print edition on your iPhone, you're finally in luck. The Atlantic announced Friday that it has updated its iPhone app to give subscribers access to all of the magazine's content …
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Details Magazine Launches Blogger Network
“There's been a real kind of boom happening in men's fashion,” said Dan Peres, the magazine's editor in chief, citing the success of street style photography on and growth of luxury menswear advertising. (The Condé Nast elevators have also …
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