How BIG Is Google?

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  4. All I will say is wow. I’ve got my eyes on you El Goog! This video makes me see how small minded #Microsoft and #Apple really are. Greed is all they care about and it’s saddening. 

  5. I remember before Google … Do you? Just fascinating …. Google is integrated in us now eh. Don’t believe me … Google it for yourselves. This is just the message I was talking about a couple of years ago … And Google’s growth is not slowing down any. Huge is just not covering the influence Google has. China big. As long as Google doesn’t turn on the humans … Either way … 2 dropout sure did make a difference for some time to come.

  6. *Great video!* *I don’t understand why everyone seems to automatically get scared of Google being the powerhouse for technological enhancement for the world. Why is it assumed that everything will turn out for the bad? I’d love to know what you think. Comment below your take on the subject.* *Is Google too big? Will they become evil and why do you think so?*

  7. What is funny is that the world is going so much closer to what we see in science-fiction dystopian movies that even people who want to sound factual and serious have to warn with these ridiculous “this is no tin foil hat video!” warnings… Truth is, conspiracies exist, and believing no conspiracies exist is as dumb as believing everything is a conspiracy..

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