How can I explain to clients that rankings can’t be guaranteed?

Read Google’s help article about SEO here: With a lot of my potential clients, the first words out of their mouth when building a site is “Can you make my site #1 on Google?” This question is extremely annoying to me… how can I respond in a professional and honest manner? Land Lubber, Colorado

16 thoughts on “How can I explain to clients that rankings can’t be guaranteed?

  1. It’s frustrating being an ethical SEO and having to compete with shady folks that use “guarantee” as their marketing angle to churn and burn clients. Thanks for the video support!

  2. this video will be a very big help for me on explaining it to my superiors as well :)) — now they can all believe that even Google says that no search engine optimizer can guarantee a client #1 position, especially to super annoying clients that wants to rank #1 on all their targeted keywords yet have lame, poorly-structured website/s. thanks for the vid!

  3. Yeah I’d like to know about that too, indeed, do any of the popular javascript methods of hiding and displaying text on a single page like accordions, carrousels or dropdowns. I’m sure they could all be used for some serious BlackHat seo despite perfectly legit design purposes.

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