How Content Influences Personalized Search – and SEO Rank

How Content Influences Personalized Search – and SEO Rank
According to Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life Project, most Americans are against search engines collecting their browsing preferences and using them to personalize search engine results (SERPs) for privacy reasons. At the same time, …
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Search engine marketing industry expands in US and Canada
… increasingly looking to harness data gleaned from various platforms in order to inform their future campaigns, valuing any statistics which can help them to get a grasp on the kind of consumer behaviour that either drives clicks or results in a …
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В Каталонии найдена самая древняя статуэтка человека
… по доисторическому и археологическому исследованию Гарраф-Ордаля (CIPAG) совместно с Научным семинаром по доисторическому исследованию в Университете Барселоны (SERP) нашли часть керамической статуэтки человека с одной …
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