How do you use Google Webmaster Tools?

Introducing a new way to share your search-related tips with webmasters. For more information, check out our instructions:
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6 Responses to How do you use Google Webmaster Tools?

  1. agapitoflores001 says:

    This is a very useful tool from google. Nice work!

  2. niwanasod says:

    useful information

  3. mujebla says:

    Can anybody response why my registered domain not come up through Google search engine? I did as Webmaster Tools describes. My registered website is, Hosting with and registrar is Where is the problem?

  4. mujebla says:

    hi world! I need this tools My site is not in google search engine. I wondered that’s why I watch it and learn form this episode. My web address is eslKofe com regards Mr.M

  5. GoldPUA says:

    And quite frankly the result is just phenominal. Retard.

  6. dpriceisrightful says:

    Can I hire you to help me with my web?

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