How does 'carousel banner blindness' damage customer experience?

How does 'carousel banner blindness' damage customer experience?
Due to the strong desire for consumers to remain in control of their content consumption this condition has grown stronger over time and is now spilling into ecommerce websites negatively affecting consumer experience. The greatest impacts on ecommerce …
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NETWORK SECURITY US Government Whistleblower Sites Are Risky Business
Scott has proposed an "HTTPS-Only" initiative that would require all publicly accessible federal Web sites and services to use the encrypted HTTPS protocol instead of the unencrypted HTTP protocol. However, his proposal calls for the stronger standard …
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The 5 core pillars of social marketing success
It's official: social media is a major driver of traffic to brand sites. In December of 2014, the top eight social networks collectively drove more than 31 percent of overall traffic to websites, an increase of 22 percent from 2013. The 5 core pillars …
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