How Does Google Maps Work?

How Does Google Maps Work?

Google Maps is an incredibly convenient tool to search for places across the globe! How do websites like this work? Trace is here to discuss how satellites a…
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24 thoughts on “How Does Google Maps Work?

  1. Its so annoying that they are spending so much money on this pointless technology when they are so many people who don’t even have a bed to sleep on at night.

  2. Trace is the best host, always picks the best and most interesting subjects to talk about and keeps them entertaining. Can’t say the same about the other hosts on this channel…

  3. What the hell are wrong with these people who expalin on this chanell , they are sick ? or have some problem ? or they think this is cool to speak like they speak . Or i;m wrong and all like it ? hate when someone speak and shaking they’r hand like they want to kill a fly.,

  4. I have a theory. I believe there are SEVERAL military satellites and spy drones flying all over our atmosphere, that have the capability of monitoring people in unprecedented detail. Some of these cameras nowadays are able to see what brand of cigarette you are holding, from hundreds of miles away, meaning this would be a super weapon for super powers like USA ! It’s scary, but also reassuring to know thay OUR military technology is advancing, practically overpowering our enemies !

  5. In 1984 when I was a High School Senior a teacher told us that the government had satellites that could read the date on a dime on a sidewalk. Whether or not he was exaggerating, imagine the top secret satellite images some lucky high-level people have access to! 

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