How Does Marketing Affect Your Brain?

Have you ever wondered what makes some marketers so good at selling their product? Read More: Nearest primate relatives also susceptible to marketing spin…

18 thoughts on “How Does Marketing Affect Your Brain?

  1. *WE HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON WITH MONKEYS*!! i’m getting pretty sick and tired of this channel and all its pseudo science mumbo jumbo. man didn’t evolve from monkeys, man has nothing in common with monkeys and man doesn’t make choices like monkeys! god made me, and if you don’t stop offending him with this crap then you can look forward to a lake of fire when your time comes. 

  2. Is this video about kids? In one’s becoming an adult, they have to realize this bias and anxiety in themselves, and start exercising more mental control as to evaluate things purely for what they are. Eventually one needs to be able to choose the best jar of jam and not run away scared shitless by the marketer or the sheer amount of jam options. Gojjammit!

  3. Hmmm.. Price (to performance) and preference is how i make my purchasing choices. I instantly discard half the shelf and choose between what remains. Everyone always claims that marketing effects everybody especially those who believe it doesn’t. Yet the only marketing which has any effect on me is price 😉 *But maybe that’s because I don’t have a lot of disposable income..*

  4. Wrong. I know exactly what I want, and if they don’t have it I’m fucking out of there. Maybe all the weak minded sheeple have a fucking problem choosing because their life is ran by the fucking media. I go into a store looking for ONE of X item, if they don’t have it, their loss not mine. When I try new things I am aware of the gamble, and think; “Maybe next time I’ll try something new that doesn’t suck ass.” if it wasn’t enjoyable.

  5. How about, the stress, the brainwashing, the constant intrusion that marketing causes. You can’t walk through the city without being bombardered by 100s and 100s of ads. It’s everywhere, it’s stressful, and it makes me furious. Fuck it I’m gonna go live on the mesa.

  6. Paradox of choice is a completely different concept from framing… that segway made no sense. Also, you did not answer the question in the title. This video is just bad.

  7. i may be susceptible to advertising but I dont think that makes my decision process. I am a researcher when it comes to purchases, I always want the best for my money and I rarely put product name over quality. We would all spend so much less money if we really researched into what we are buying and what is best for us rather than going and buying those beats headphones because that guy from the movies has them.

  8. If having a lot of choices overwhelms you and gives you anxiety you have an incredibly cushy life I’m quite jealous of, how free of any real hardships you must be. Unbelievable how….soft…..some people have become.

  9. Ah, but I haven’t seen the video on the right and it actually looks interesting, but I don’t want to choose it, because she clearly wanted me to! Damn it, I’m overwhelmed, I’m just going to choose neither!

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