How expats in China stay ahead of the internet censors

How expats in China stay ahead of the internet censors
An unnamed senior manager of a French company involved in major infrastructure projects in China told the South China Morning Post about problems he had using his company's VPN during one trip: I could get connected with the VPN and log in with a …
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iTwin Connect provides VPN access with 2-factor authentication
iTwin has introduced its new VPN product and service called iTwin Connect to ensure private and restriction-free browsing and remote desktop access, remote file access and access to the home/office network. iTwin Connect works both as a personal …
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iTwin Connect simplifies VPN into one USB stick
Called iTwin Connect, the new dongle offers secure VPN tunnelling through either iTwin's servers or another computer of your choice. Just plug in the stick into your trusted PC, configure it once, and you're ready to go. With one half of the iTwin left …
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