How Google Collects Search Quality Data On Your Site

How Google Collects Search Quality Data On Your Site
It's little known that Google was never meant to be a company. In fact, in 1998 Vinod Khosla (one of the first investors in Google) managed to convince Larry Page and Sergey Brin to sell their technology to Lycos, Excite, or Yahoo, the leading search …
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First 21 Google employees
heather cairns google investor employee If you don't count Larry Page or Sergey Brin, only seven early Googlers still work for the search giant that made them rich. Some early Google employees have become entrepreneurs. Others are angel investors.
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Why would anyone quit working for Google?
Was the character of Billy McMahon (played by Vince Vaughn) in the film, "The Internship," the final straw that killed Google's once famed interview riddles? Less than a week after “The Internship” appeared in theaters, the tech megalith confirmed the …
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