How Google Retooled Android With Help From Your Brain

How Google Retooled Android With Help From Your Brain
It's just one example of the way neural network algorithms are changing the way our technology works — and they way we use it. This field of study had cooled for many years, after spending the 1980s as one of the hottest areas of research, but now it …
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Cognitive memory (neural networks) a reality
But way back in 1993 Guy Paillet, later a co-founder of CogniMem presented a concept of a self-organising, trainable parallel neural network chip to IBM. The outcome was the first Zero Instruction Set Computer (ZISC) chip later capable of emulating 78 …
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Trader Edge Neural Network Model – Q4 2012 GDP Forecast
The Trader Edge aggregate GDP model represents the average of two neural network model forecasts. Neural networks are extremely powerful, and great care must be used to avoid over-fitting the data. As a result, before constructing the models, I divided …
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