How Google turned Alameda into a mad science laboratory

How Google turned Alameda into a mad science laboratory
Google's largesse last year helped tiny Makani expand from its 17,000-square-foot headquarters in a faded air control tower to a 100,000-square-foot hangar across the street. It pays $ 55,000 each month for the city-owned properties, according to the lease.
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Google Fights Amazon's Silver Bullet With Free Android Apps
The Google Play store allows developers to list applications as paid for, or for free. Paid for apps can be switched to free apps, but the same is not true in the opposite direction. Once an app is 'free', then it's free for ever. The addition of a …
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Google has nabbed some huge customers for its most important new business
Google wants to become the biggest thing in a hot young market called cloud computing, where companies rent computers and storage over the internet instead of buying that equipment themselves. Businesses have fallen in love with cloud computing.
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