How Guys Will Use Google Glass

The future is coming, ladies. Sorry about that. For more ways men will use Google Glass, see: and…
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18 Responses to How Guys Will Use Google Glass

  1. Mark Robins says:

    Server not reachable.

  2. TheNinjaTroller says:

    What the fuck are you saying. wait, hold on… google glass, translate.

  3. katzenberg77 says:

    subscribed!….because this girl is so damn cute.

  4. intrspoort says:


  5. Stripdancer100 says:

    Creators of the Groundhog Day would never have dreamt about something like this. День Сурка отдыхает.

  6. رعد آل مغيرة says:

    لووول رهيب مره ههههههههههههههه

  7. randumkid3 says:


  8. RealGoonieKid says:

    must. have. last. wor— *cough.. wer- *cough *fall *die

  9. Felipe Totora says:

    You’re right! And yeah, everyone should read it, totally! It’s such a mind-opening book, way too advanced for the time Orwell wrote it and still so actual, in fact more actual than ever :)

  10. 9mminmyhand says:

    dude, that’s weird.

  11. lucas bui says:

    can anyone tell me what’s her name? thanks/.

  12. Patricia J says:

    Hola Felipe ! I agree with you 100% It is a book that every human being should read as soon as possible, if they haven’t already. Some people are lazy though, and others have little time to read books, so I recommended the film though I do agree with you.

  13. Felipe Totora says:

    I totally agree with you but PLEASE don’t tell people to watch 1984, that’s SO not a story to be watched, it’s a story to be read, and only

  14. Felipe Totora says:

    George Orwell’s 1984 is closer than ever now. Privacy will soon be a luxury for few

  15. Patrick Lin says:

    So expensive

  16. StasMustDie says:

    “Подпишись, сука”

  17. Michael Ross Murphy says:

    I think all Glassholes will end up being “Little Brother”, which is more annoying but less dangerous than being “Big Brother”…

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