How Important is Technology to a Small Business?

How Important is Technology to a Small Business?

It might be difficult to imagine that almost half of all small businesses have virtually no online presence. These businesses rely on their storefront and/or local community for the vast majority of their income. With so much competition coming from the web, is it time for businesses to start seriously taking advantage of this tool to expand their reach? In this interview, we talk with Ramon Ray about the importance of technology to small business in today’s world. Ramon has an extensive background in educating small businesses in the areas of technology in order to help them grow. You can find out more about Ramon Ray and his work at: http http
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  1. startupbuildervideos says:

    Not to be rude #UN#, but I found this rather dry. Try to engage your audience and present your content in a more exciting manner.

  2. PanCakeKnowsAll says:

    Love this!!!!

  3. Itasattc says:

    You make me want to live a better life.

  4. Musicarta says:

    I’ve enjoyed all of these interviews Chris. They’re very informative. Keep it up!

  5. SmrtA55 says:

    You have been posting ALOT of videos of such i dont care about.. I subed for tech reviews and help not all these questions.

  6. Andrew Jamison says:

    very informative, thanks for doing these interviews Chris they help alot

  7. dussin23 says:

    I was part of the family business for the last several years. My dad never embraced technology other than e-mail (his database software was Q&A!). When the recession hit the business really suffered. I pushed for him to build a web presence, but nope. I built my own site for my region and sales tripled, but it was too late. He went out of business, and I had no way to service my accounts. Small biz needs to get with it. It’s CHEAP to market on the web and it’s effective even in a niche.

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