How It Feels through Glass – Google Glass Official Promo 20/02/2013

Google Glass hands on developer Event Want to see how Glass actually feels? It’s surprisingly simple. Say “take a…

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19 Responses to How It Feels through Glass – Google Glass Official Promo 20/02/2013

  1. Ninjasumri says:

    Soon you will see the whole new world full of people wearing weird looking glasses I’m only 12 and I’m gonna have to deal with it.

  2. BeauteousPotato says:

    What if they fell off. . .

  3. Webastyczny says:

    Looks amazing but at the same time it’s creepy as hell. The next level of human evolution. And adding to it e.g. ability to be spied – then the New World Order will be truly alive.

  4. Mate Tomasik says:

    ok google glass, make the rain stop!

  5. Mate Tomasik says:

    i think they forgot the adds from the video

  6. Ryospeacemode says:

    If a few years ago they said that electric cars were ahead of its time, why has this not happend to google glass

  7. EDZiLLUH says:

    need these bitches

  8. Louis Caprani says:

    Of the fucking end*

  9. Louis Caprani says:

    As fantastic as some of the features are.. This is the beginning of fucking end. I promise everyone that.

  10. tray james says:


  11. Ryan Tiedke says:

    some how someone will use this to make a porn video

  12. deanmullen10 says:

    How is it accessed just through blinking & voice command or is there a way of typing like with a virtual keyboard or something?

  13. Crossbench says:

    The Kissaway Trail - New Lipstick

  14. mechanik says:

    the future of porn is now.

  15. centipede518 says:

    Ok Glass, what does the Scouter have to say about his power level?

  16. sumbora530 says:

    Found this today and wanna share.Giveing away glass-es for beta testing (FOR LIMITED TIME),watch this video if you are interested /watch?v=k1Qyn_SZ2YY

  17. TheCristo68 says:

    Considering that the NSA is now intercepting pretty much every form of digital comunication from Google i will confronting every douchebag that ever comes close to me with this stasi state monitoring gadget .Caution you may get you glasses broken when wearing in public .

  18. MrPainolympics says:

    I will record some tight asses in public

  19. Sagar Bajaj says:

    how much……….???????????????????

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