How Nanotechnology Works

Here you can see wow Nanotechnology Works
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15 Responses to How Nanotechnology Works

  1. RyeBreadFilmz says:

    Spidey fans what if nano tech can help us make web shooters

  2. Marco Mosri says:


  3. wesleyloveless2002 says:

    Another anotron life…

  4. bl00dlinehindu says:


  5. bl00dlinehindu says:


  6. dresdenentirely says:

    You will all die.

  7. Goajunkie says:

    watch?v=f0_EyPwvWTY That’s a result of nano technology. Google Morgellon

  8. jessyjessy4 says:

    love the video man

  9. TheKcsmithy says:

    love the video really good

  10. MakeNewLaws says:

    i wonder if it can transform me into a babe. Id love that. NO stretchmarks, no flabby skin. clear skin, silky hair. Then i will love it totally

  11. aureliovahos says:

    Nanotechnology is a new tool for developing our products to help humanity. this technology is applied in medicine, robotics, medicine and others.

  12. spellbinderart says:

    I totally agree.

  13. Jerry Aulenbach says:


  14. unamaxify says:

    nano tech is going to improve our lifes in ways we can’t imagine yet. And yes some of the nano tech is going to be used to kill & destroy, but honestly do you really care if your murderer kills you with a rock, a sword, a gun or a nano-tech-rail-gun. We already have so many ways to destroy the world a 100 times over. If Humanity is going to destroy itself it is going to do it with or without nano-tech, so we might al well have the benefits from it until we die out.

  15. Jkun says:

    Actually, itll be stupid if we take advantage of it like we have been doing with pretty much every technological advancement since the discovery of the wheel >.>;; Humanity’s wisdom does not keep up with the technological advancements we make, which is a real big problem, ~Jkun~

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