How Nanotechnology Works

Here you can see wow Nanotechnology Works
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15 thoughts on “How Nanotechnology Works

  1. nano tech is going to improve our lifes in ways we can’t imagine yet. And yes some of the nano tech is going to be used to kill & destroy, but honestly do you really care if your murderer kills you with a rock, a sword, a gun or a nano-tech-rail-gun. We already have so many ways to destroy the world a 100 times over. If Humanity is going to destroy itself it is going to do it with or without nano-tech, so we might al well have the benefits from it until we die out.

  2. Actually, itll be stupid if we take advantage of it like we have been doing with pretty much every technological advancement since the discovery of the wheel >.>;; Humanity’s wisdom does not keep up with the technological advancements we make, which is a real big problem, ~Jkun~

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