How People Search and Decide on Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads – with Bryan Eisenberg

How People Search and Decide on Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads - with Bryan Eisenberg

In this video interview, conversion expert Bryan Eisenberg discusses ways to differentiate your PPC ads so peple will decide to click on them. User behavior has changed, says Eisenberg. These days people often open up multiple browser “tabs.” You have just seconds to establish why they should click on your ad and even consider buying from you. (Of course, on landing pages you need to provide a unique value or campaign proposition.) So in the Google AdWords text ad let people know what you offer: free shipping? Wide selection? Provide more specifics about the benefits of buying from you. For example, if you’re selling Rolex watches, mention that your customers can “choose from over 32 models.” Mention specific offers such as free shipping or lifetime repairs that differentiate you from your competitors. Google has been experimenting with ad extensions and product extensions, such as video and product images. So if you show an image for generic keywords especially, put your best foot forward. Show your best product or multiple images so people see something they want to click on. Google Checkout icons are also starting to appeal to people and generate clicks. The bottom line is: the better you can differentiate your ad in a way that they can see benefit to them, the more likely they are to click. Bryan Eisenberg is a principal in Bryan & Jeffery Eisenberg and Associates. He communicates principles of conversion growth through speaking for companies and industry seminars
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