How Sneaky Are Your Android Apps?

How Sneaky Are Your Android Apps?
To narrow that down, Eurecom analyzed the top 100 most popular apps and the top 100 newest apps in each of the categories available for a total of 5,000 apps. They found "several instances of overly aggressive communication with tracking websites, …
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Free Android apps connect to thousands of tracking and ad URLs, research shows
The good news is that the “vast majority” (73.2%) of apps do not connect with any tracking website; but “a small number of apps do indeed communicate with them”. One app, Eurosport Player, connected with more than 800 individual tracking URLs; all of …
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Top 5 Material Design Frameworks to Use in 2015
Google's Material Design has taken the internet UI world by storm. Since it's arrival on Google's Inbox and then progressive across Google's network sites, many web applications like Telegram have begun deploying the framework. Material Design has …
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