How The Social Network Should Have Ended

How The Social Network Should Have Ended

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18 Responses to How The Social Network Should Have Ended

  1. DavidP290 says:

    Slenderman in the back at 0:24

  2. 454ffv says:

    isnt this exactly how it ended?

  3. bob joe says:

    1:13.. hmm how does he know he is spiderman if the movie came out this year……….

  4. fmakeita says:

    I’m bringing the facebook back YEAH! bwahahhahah….. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

  5. Vernedi says:

    Imagine if he had said “I’m Batman” and then corrected himself. xD

  6. shamani smith says:

    i know that people hate mark zuckerberg but i believe that he is a true genius he change the way we live our lives and we should thank him for that.

  7. radovlasic12 says:

    i couldve saved 1 and a half hours just by watching this, this isnt just the ending, its the whole movie condensed into 150 seconds!

  8. HarrySilan says:


  9. owensentis says:

    0:45 – 1:45 The Social Network in 60 Seconds

  10. ex1273 says:

    i brining facebook back yah the mother bords dont know how to ack yah bring it all down to facebook ville

  11. karan bhullar says:

    I’m no joke, I’m SPIDERMAN

  12. gamer king says:

    Frillion-bigllion Dollars Man that is cool

  13. solaris117 says:

    “This is so impersonal……. Hi, it’s Mark.” LOL. Genius!

  14. GoatLover234 says:

    If I have to watch another Dulux Paint Ad before these videos, I will hurt someone

  15. Kevin liu t p says:

    im spiderman

  16. tallahassee260 says:

    im bringin facebook back….yea………dem other boys dont know how to act

  17. Jamsessionroom1337 says:

    If he’s spiderman then zuckerberg already survived a zombie apocalypse!

  18. Wendy Newman says:

    I’m not a joke, I’m Spider-Man! I died.

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