How to add a custom Google map to your website (HD)

How to add a custom Google map to your website (HD)

Add locations to a custom Google map and add it to your website! Also, create a Google account to customize your maps even further with HTML, pics, links, custom pushpins, and more! Very easy tip to make your website more user friendly.
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  1. amanomiki75584 says:

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  2. kkouttakku says:

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  3. ljoigkmdjgutyhrufj says:

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  4. ModaFocaGirl says:

    Thank you so much for making this video. You’re Great!

  5. Jose Daniel Cordoba says:

    Why are you using IE?

  6. gazowen84 says:

    can you allow users to add locations to the map on your site?

  7. Anilao - Critters says:

    FIVE STAR*****

  8. monofono2006 says:

    i also dont see it…

  9. TheOnlooker2010 says:

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  10. deathwings11 says:

    I couldnt understand why it wasnt showing the pins, but i found a simpler method to embed the map. You enter the address/addresses you want into google maps and click the link button, then copy and paste iframe into your html page. Took literally 20 seconds.

  11. mentalarmory says:

    hmm..not sure! I haven’t had that problem before..but curious to hear about it if you did figure it out!

  12. mentalarmory says: problem!

  13. mentalarmory says:

    you’re welcome!

  14. mentalarmory says:

    you’re welcome!

  15. mentalarmory says:

    you’re welcome, glad I could help!

  16. underclass29 says:

    Thanks this helped me out.

  17. deathwings11 says:

    Thank u for ur critical evaluation and recommended solution. 😉 lol

  18. onlytwothings says:

    you fkd it up

  19. onlytwothings says:

    thank you for this tutorial

  20. deathwings11 says:

    The pins/ markers dont show on my maps!? Anyone know why?

  21. Iain Conway says:

    superb. thank you!

  22. Rein199 says:

    I knew it must be simple :) Thanks a lot!

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