11 Responses to How to add a logo to your Gmail signature

  1. OC Yoga Therapy says:

    Thank you! The only problem now is that when I add the canned response it doesn’t show the image. It shows a box with an x in it. How do I resolve this to show the actual image?

  2. TheBlueSwan44 says:

    how can I grab a jpeg file and use it in my signature….I don’t have a url

  3. Dunahadd says:

    Sir I want to put our company logo permanently in Gmail Signature,how i set up sir please help me.

  4. James Smith says:

    Hi Bob, Pefecto for some, but not for me. I am not that computer savvy and may have missed a vital ingredient in the process. When you are forwarding the message and you have the logo in front of you. Can I do this with any file as long as it has a logo that someone has sent me or something else? Cheers James

  5. Victoria Preacely says:

    Peeeeeerfecto!!! Thanks!!

  6. Nate Secor says:

    perfect video.

  7. Eli Nelson says:

    Thanks alot man ure Fab …. keep it up God Bless U….

  8. Nora Poggi says:

    thank you, that was incredibly helpful. Go youtube tutorials!

  9. pendraghon100 says:

    Great, where’s the gear icon gone?

  10. JMILINA says:

    Works like a charm! Thanks a lot!!!

  11. Andrea Fernandez says:

    very useful thank you, could you tell me why my info appears gray instead of black please? after my logo i added my name and phone number

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