How to add an image to Google Images

Learn a few simple techniques for adding your image to Google Images. Check out for more information.

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  1. Arieal Minniefield says:


  2. Mickey Louton says:

    to complicated

  3. mihecratajc says:

    woow he looks like a pedo to…..shit :O

  4. FlashMobAJam says:

    ahahahah I thought he was having a hard time saying Picasso… but it’s Picasa.. OY!

  5. mick emmerson says:

    i didnt get that :/ 

  6. arslan khan says:

    why isn’t my album properties working

  7. Strawhat Luffy says:

    Family Guy too! I think of it as Pedo when they say Peter!

  8. MasterSajith says:

    subscribe me pls

  9. InvaderEquestria782 says:

    guess who is making image macros,ME

  10. Symone George says:

    Thank y’all

  11. Kim Valentini says:


  12. danny31432 says:


  13. kakashi hatake says:

    thx google

  14. teetje123 says:

    i don’t know why you do it the hard way just upload it on hyves or facebook.

  15. smallbird5 says:

    I heard “Peeta” in the beginning.

  16. Emanuel Tina says:

    Shut Up!!!!! Kony 2012 is a spam.

  17. lokitalexus says:

    kony 2012

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