How to add Google Maps to Joomla – Joomla Tutorials

How to add Google Maps to Joomla • There are several extensions that allow you to easily create Google maps and display them in Joomla. • Google maps is new,…
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  1. where I can download google map light ? I tried to download from but I got this message –> Resource Limit Is Reached … thx

  2. This is where I don’t get it…: Under Internal Link/Googleap, there will be three options for linking to the GoogleMap component. With Simple, you can display only a single destination. Standard and advanced will allow you to choose a category of destinations to display on the map. Fill in details and specifications. Click on Save button. I have only google standard layout???

  3. This tutorial is awesome… what is the software you used to do make this video ?.. I need to do something for my final presentation in Uni, your feedback would be extremely helpful !..

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