How to Advertise Using The World’s Most Expensive Ad — And Make Your Competitors Pay For It.

(PRWEB) February 22, 2006

WestSussex, UK February 22, 2006 — Advertising space has always been a hot commodity. Newly launched will test to see how much people are prepared to spend for the top advertising position in what could be one of the world’s most popular Web sites.

Creator of, Ugo Okonkwo, an Orthopaedic surgeon from England, said, “I tried to find out what the most amount of money that anyone had ever spent on Internet advertising. However, no matter how hard I looked, I couldn’t find a website that told me. Then I had a fantastic idea. I would make a web site that would tell me.”

“The idea is simple yet powerful,” Okonkwo explained. “Anyone can pay for advertising and have their really large logo displayed on the front page of You pay for the ad, and I place your ad on the front page.”

Then it gets more interesting, Okonkwo only has 22 spaces available on his site. The first space costs just one dollar and for that, users can place a large ad at the top of the front page of his website. But the advertiser can only have that space until someone else comes along and buys the next ad space. Each following ad costs twice as much as the previous and the ad will never leave the front page.

“The good thing about this is that everyone can get involved,” said Okonkwo. “Early advertisers with small budgets can buy the less expensive spaces whilst the larger advertisers will eventually be attracted to the more expensive. Whoever currently has the most expensive ad will always be at the top position. Even more exciting is that the ads will always remain on the front page.”

People are already coming back to re-visit Okonkwo’s site just to watch how high the price will go. He gives regular updates, via his Most Expensive Internet Blog, on the site’s latest developments.


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