How to attain a higher website ranking in Google!

How to attain a higher website ranking in Google! You’ve seen why your local business simply must have a website to stay competitive in today’s digital, online world. And now you also know that simply putting up a website isn’t enough; your company’s website has got to show up very high in Google’s search results, or you’re just spinning your wheels and throwing money down the drain. So how do you get a website that’s going to rank high in Google? Well, there are countless people you could contact in your town to build you a website. You can even go on the INTERNET and find thousands more all over America who would gladly perform web design services for you. Some will charge you several hundred dollars, at a minimum, while many will want several thousand to create and put up your site. But, and this is the important part, not one out of a hundred of them will know anything about building you a website that gets you into Google’s top rankings. See, web designers, especially the ones who aren’t working for huge companies, have learned (or taught themselves) to make websites that look good. And many of them are very good at it, and they can build you an awesome looking website with all the latest bells and whistles. You’ll be impressed, and when you show it to your friends, they’ll be even more impressed. No doubt about it, you’ll have one really, really cool website. And you won’t get any customers because you won’t place high in Google’s search results. And that’s all there is to it. I’m simply
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