How to Avoid Mistakes and Increase Your Interaction on Twitter

The Woodlands (PRWEB) February 21, 2014

It’s easy, keep reading.

Do not abuse hashtags – Its proven that tweets with three or more hashtags have a very low retweet rate. Users tend to consider them spam, and wont even take the trouble to read their content.

Forget the automated tweets – Each social network has its own language and audience. For example, Twitter uses elements like the hashtag or short links that arent necessarily important to other networks, although most of them are now starting to adopt hashtags too. Automated messages often convey an impersonal style and some lack of interest in your followers.

Watch your spelling – Spelling is very important so don’t forget to double check it.

Avoid tweets longer than 130 characters – Tweets that take the 140 characters or most of them preclude from retweeting or adding comments to tweets.

Update your biography – Most users check your biography before deciding to follow you.

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