how to be a youtube star.

how to be a youtube star.

my new CD, “words, words, words,” is here: NEW TOUR FALL 2010 tickets here: CD IS IN STORES! it includes a DVD with my comedy central special! that airs march 27th! it’s titled “bo burnham” (go figure) discount at TARGET for only .99 buy on amazon: available on itunes! stalk me: check out the brand-new: are there any steps that i missed? if you know them, make a video response! you guys are awesome. i could’ve never done this without you. yes, even you guy-who-comments-“faggot”-on-all-my-videos.
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  1. cheebsssssss says:

    he’s in rehab

  2. codyshrewsbury says:

    #1 do not watch this video!!!!!!!!!

  3. atgiftcards says:

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  4. TheMrCRWhite says:

    O you’re such a hipster aren’t you.

  5. enbutterfly says:

    OMG 😀 HAHAHA did u have fun 😉 screw the YT lool

  6. bean2k9 says:

    hes out in the real world. watch “we think we know you” he doesnt want to be the bedroom singer anymore. if you want to see him. find him in the real world.

  7. slickJR1000 says:

    Always curious! Checkmeout! Below!

  8. MuffinMix42 says:

    Bo is so adorable. His cat is cute too.

  9. MrVanDaylay says:

    He writes for movies and stuff now. Career. You know.

  10. OhShizzDude says:

    Awk don’t call him gay u don’t know maybe he’s not so stop being cheeky gay people

  11. COOlGamingKid says:

    Fuck your life. Now get a real life you gay person

  12. tigersint says:

    gay, gay, gay, homophobic, gay not funny!

  13. illa1990 says:

    Check out: illa body and soul

  14. Wasoptimusprime says:

    gay gay gay

  15. Brandon Pendergrass says:

    Chris crocker is an 8 … WAT

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