How To Build a Profitable Online Business This Summer – Evenings

How To Build a Profitable Online Business This Summer – Evenings
Event on 2014-07-31 18:00:00
Introduction to Social Media, Internet, Video and Mobile Marketing and Online Success Strategies for Your Business9 (12 for bonus qualifiers) weeks workshop classes (Social Media Summer + Video Marketing Package + 1 to 1 consultation and assessment/report)


To provide businesses with an opportunity to create an online strategy for their Social and Mobile marketing that builds presence in their geographical local area, increases online and mobile search success, and converts more customers.

Also creates brand recognition, credibility and community around your business worldwide

The workshops are interactive with a step-by-step blueprint approach and attendees creating their own specific profiles, plans, campaign outlines and schedules(including daily) using a proven 4-step methodology.Benefits:

Attendees will leave having created and implemented plans and strategies for their overall business development, online marketing campaigns, Social Media strategy, SEO and online customer service.

In addition they will receive and create check-sheets to help them make their marketing efforts as simple and repeatable as possible. Duration:

A high-energy, interactive, intensive 9/12-week programme (3.5 hours per week), plus webinars, and private online community. Tickets for Thursday Evenings beginning 31st July 2014

 For those who want the detail! Here's a sample of what's covered! Social Business Fundamentals

• Business Roadmap/Blueprint
• Products and Services
• Client Review
• Online Business Model
• Goals and Objectives
• Online Business Audit
• Goals and ObjectivesSocial and Mobile Media

• Overview – Why and brief introduction to each platform
• In-depth training in 5 Social Media Platforms
• E-mail Marketing
• Engagement strategies
• Local Business Musts
• Trends and influenceSocial Media Management

• Resources and Plans
• Campaign creation – campaigns that convert
• Contests/Competition/Discounts/Promotions
• Building Community
• Engagement and value
• Content Creation
• Training
• Content Management
• Brand ManagementMeasuring Performance and Impact

• Against Objectives
• Google Magic
• Influence
• Perception
• Internet listening
• Analytics and Tools
• Conversion
• ROISecret Sauce of Social/online Business Success

• Lead Generation that works
• Tools for Top Performance
• Creating Systems that succeed
• Customer Converters
• Media and Campaign management blueprints
• Time Management tips
• Powerful Profiles
• Mind-set and self-management Power TipsStrategy

• Online Business Strategy
• Funnels and closing sales
• Branding
• Customer Profiling
• Creating your Campaign Calendar
• Business Blueprinting Process
• 4-Step Marketing Formulae
• Online Branding Basics
• Customer Service and management
• Internal Social Media
• External Social media

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