How to Build a Robot

A sped up video of me building a line following robot. Directly following is a CAD simulation, edge detection with a photoresistor demonstration, the robot following the line, performing a virtual box algorithm, and a ballerina dance. *I built this 100% from scratch, it was not a toy, and it is not a kit* For full documentation and instructions to build your own, check out:

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  1. Jack Wade says:

    I accidentally cut a 240v cable in the garage next to my Laptop, But the page instantly changed I was older and my daughter as tall as I am!!!! AWESOME!!!!! I thought this was Phenomena was disabled in the 80’s, but it’s still there!!!! DATA stored in the HALL EFFECT of electric lines jumps time. Energy Equals Life dot com

  2. palmisano says:

    see info box

  3. Nao Palanca says:

    why are you not teaching us how to build one!

  4. Prasad Vemula says:

    vemala prasad goutham

  5. palmisano says:

    See info box.

  6. mirorgamesstudio says:

    ?? no tut

  7. Shameer Ahmad says:

    Awesome . Is that ur website ?

  8. Pratyush Manjardekar says:

    nyc….. awesome video!!! i will surely subscribe you!!!

  9. palmisano says:

    See link in info box for details.

  10. JRom20th says:

    Nice video but it was no help.

  11. Bobbles Forbes says:


  12. palmisano says:

    No, but it helps . . .

  13. Daniel Boakye says:

    wow.. great.. …Do you need to have an engineering background to build robots?

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