How to Build a World Class WordPress Website How to Build a World Class WordPress Website In this Case Study, we present our 23 Step Process on How to Design Build Optimize Deploy a World Class WordPress Website for a Bankruptcy Law Firm based in Long Island New York. We show how this Long Island Bankruptcy Attorney whose practice specializes in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Foreclose Defense, but illustrate the immediate on-page and off-page rankings we achieved by utilizing our proprietary methodology for optimizing our client’s audio, video, text, images, articles and social bookmarking strategy. Social Media Marketing Plus Custom WordPress Websites and SEO Services that Produce a Page 1 SERP and the Traffic that Comes with it. My Custom Link Wheel Video Marketing Content Syndication Model Produces Exceptional SERP Results at an Affordable Price Point. Want to have your website get ranked at the top of the search engines? READ THIS Achieving SEO results (page 1 SERP) is not as hard as some SEO guys claim. Rather, achieving SEO Results is quite doable if you have the right skills and follow a proven methodology. In other words, if you execute the right steps, in the right order, using best practices methodologies, its not all that difficult. The fact of the matter is; even if you have an impressive website, running on the WordPress platform with a clear call to action (above the fold) with a strong video elevator pitch that educates and

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  2. I had been thinking that I needed to learn how to create a web page but, I thought it was very expensive. In someone else’s video he was showing how low the cost really is for a decent web site. So, I have been trying to find other videos with substantial information and I am impressed by your straightforward, clear instruction. After watching a few of your videos I have much more of an understanding of “purposeful networking!” Thank you:)

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