How To Cash In On Your Passion In 2013 (The Journey To Entrepreneurship)

How To Cash In On Your Passion In 2013 (The Journey To Entrepreneurship)
Event on 2013-03-15 14:00:00

Are You Looking For Ways To Better Your Life In 2013?

Since the recession hit the world in 2008, things have gone from bad to worse. Here in the UK, we are looking at what is tagged "A Double Dip Recession". More and more people are getting into the benefit system and the Government is looking at making a lot of cuts (They do not really have a solution).

The youths today are crying out… is there really a solution to all of this?

If you are among this category of people who want things to change, but you don't really know how to start, then this workshop is for you. Maybe you've already started something (Business wise), but you're still stuck in the middle, then you need to be part of this workshop.

Here are the topics that will be treated:

Part One: Getting Started

  • Defining your true passion: This will focus on narrowing things down to what you really enjoy doing.
  • Doing your research within your chosen field of endeavor.
  • Setting up a plan of action for 2013 and beyond.
  • Understanding the principles of being self employed.
  • Building up yourself to be the person you truely want to be.
  • Knowing when to start, and making the right decisions.
  • How to source for funds from angel investors.

Half an hour break for networking…
Part Two: The Next Level

  • Using your talents to make money.
  • Joining Networking groups of like minded people for better projection.
  • Internet Marketing Breakdown (Social Media, Info Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, referral marketing, ebay, amazon, etc).
  • Tax and accounting platform to use to get started fast.
  • Becoming a local business ambassador (Overview/Intro).
  • How to find loop holes within your niche and how profit from it.
  • How to model other successful businesses within your niche.

If you truely want to make the most of 2013 and the years to come, then you need to take it upon yourself to make that change. No one will help you unless you decide to change the way things are happening around you.

Don't wait for the Government to offer assistance because it might take long or may never happen.

Register Now And Gain Access To This Workshop And Start Setting Up Your Entrepreneurial Journey

I've Got A Bonus For Fast Action Takers…

  • Free 30mins coaching session on skype; twice a week until the end of March (£50 value) – Only for the first 10 registrants.

The cost of the workshop is only £30

Refund Policy: For any refunds needed, an email should be sent in 72hours prior to the event.

Time & Date: 2pm – 5pm, Friday, 15th of March, 2013

How To Attend:

Please check the address for the workshop venue on your right. It will be great if you arrive early in order to get seated before we kick off.


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