How to change most visited blocks in google chrome

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13 Responses to How to change most visited blocks in google chrome

  1. izzatmuhd96 says:

    im following what u did but didn’t find App Data

  2. anth214 says:

    @Bhimbim021107 if you don’t know Dutch, it’s normal. But then, activate the annotations to read the subtitles in English

  3. OMGitsDSypl says:

    Incognito is your friend :D.

  4. badguy5 says:

    Hey, it’s cool you did this video and everything, but the subtitles are REALLY hard to read. White text on gray background on white background is bad. I had to squint at the screen to see what you were saying (I don’t speak Netherlander)

  5. panhouska says:

    I cannot change it. I dont even have the PIN button at the left corner, only the delete cross… can you help pls<

  6. Ryan Cosman says:

    can some one tell me how to this for mac?

  7. megablablatruch says:

    clicked dragged and dropped the thumbnail to the lower right hand corner where something pops up that says “remove from chrome”.

  8. MeKlompie says:

    Apple fan boy;)

  9. sin cara says:


  10. Loki says:

    @HDLvJ Like @anth214, I am having a problem too. I change the pinned URL settings exactly as you instruct, but when I save and close the new tab shows none of them. Also, when I reopen the Preferences under pinned URL it’s back to the way it was before I even edited them.

  11. anth214 says:

    that’s quite clear, thanks :) But the top sites file has changed (maybe since Chrome 16), it’s a bunch of special characters and I can’t find (an equivalent of) the section pinned_urls. Do you have any solutions there ?

  12. Akos Agyire says:


  13. ISA's Sekai says:

    Heel erg bedankt man

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