13 Replies to “How to change most visited blocks in google chrome”

  1. Hey, it’s cool you did this video and everything, but the subtitles are REALLY hard to read. White text on gray background on white background is bad. I had to squint at the screen to see what you were saying (I don’t speak Netherlander)

  2. @HDLvJ Like @anth214, I am having a problem too. I change the pinned URL settings exactly as you instruct, but when I save and close the new tab shows none of them. Also, when I reopen the Preferences under pinned URL it’s back to the way it was before I even edited them.

  3. that’s quite clear, thanks 🙂 But the top sites file has changed (maybe since Chrome 16), it’s a bunch of special characters and I can’t find (an equivalent of) the section pinned_urls. Do you have any solutions there ?

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