16 Responses to How to Check if Your Yahoo Account Has Been Hacked

  1. AdOnIs CaTaGaLoGaN says:

    Mr.Anson Alexander help!!! It didn’t work after i click on the “view your recent-signing activity”. this will appear (Cycle Prohibited Description: Could not process your request for the document because it would cause an HTTP proxy cycle. Please check the URL and your browser’s proxy settings.). i can’t even open my inbox. help me please. 

  2. mrxtremeboyful says:

    Yahoo sucks I swear!I see that I’ve been hacked via that Partnership Application thing and when I try to look at Manage Apps and Web Applications to remove it,I can’t find it,why?

  3. Sachin Sehgal says:

    Hey I have a problem it say I cannot reset the password and my account has be disabled help please 

  4. Brittany Hisguhfrmtx says:

    Mine has been hacked and the questions have been changed so that I cannot get in

  5. Cindy Copntz says:


  6. Amr Alia Ahmad says:

    Unfortunately, we cannot reactivate your account because: Your Yahoo! Mail account has been disabled. Please contact user support my mail when i open it get me this mesage

  7. Ben Gopez says:

    Thank you very much! I was able to change everything. Just a question, when I follow these steps, they wont be able to access my account anymore?

  8. 376ross says:

    can you help me please with my yahoo id i have forget it

  9. TheBigworm707 says:


  10. cosmic lava says:

    just a review thanks -i have so many programs

  11. dan farilyn says:

    What is the Partnership Application,is it a hack or is it yahoo? Tried to Google and nothing but BS! thanks

  12. Willie Dixon says:

    Thanks Anson, good information. Again many thanks!

  13. Valena Rattray says:

    Thank you I was logged in from Bahamas on my birthday a few days ago I know no one there and have never visited the island. I have set up so many log in requirements I’m not even sure I can get in. Thanks much.

  14. Sarah K says:

    I’ve been hacked, changed my password, was hacked again. I’m sick of people contacting me to tell me that I have been hacked. I don’t know what else to do. I went through all the steps you indicated and actually all the locations said CA, US which is where I live. I’m frustrated. Sure easy fix is to change my email but I have had this address for many years and it’s my main point of contact Augh!!!!!

  15. Letta Mego says:

    In account information, security, I dodn’t have the option to see where my email has been accessed. I don’t dare open my email because the certificate cannot be verified… I have Microsoft tech support… but when they access my computer my email then works… 

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