How to Choose A SEO Domain Name Learn how to choose SEO Domain Names for how to rank high on Google. Domain Ranking is an important part of search engine optimization. In this video we explain the 3 elements of choosing an SEO Domain before including which domain name registration services you choose use for SEO and which ones not to use.
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  1. luigiperso says:

    ,  you can’t even spell and you are here talking out of your ass teaching others. Ludicrous…

  2. 1webfan says:

    Targeted keyword domain names are the way to go for SEO.

  3. WebaholicIndia says:

    nice tips…

  4. Son0fHobs says:

    btw, it’s “an” SEO as apposed to “A” SEO. S is a consinant, but it the beginning sounds like a vowel, thus “an.” However, thanks for the tools, and help!

  5. SEOtutoriales says:

    good video but bad audio, thanx

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