How to Compile Android from Source Code

Ever wonder how developers on XDA take the source code released to the AOSP and create ROMs? While creating software for your phone isn’t as easy as this (yo…
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14 thoughts on “How to Compile Android from Source Code

  1. where are device and vendor folder? Problem in getting proprietary files for micromax mobile.. is the script device independent,

  2. @Dubmanium what distro are you running? Plus no matter what distribution you should be able to insall java via “sh”

  3. Anyone else notice something floating in the background? Either it’s a peice of dust or could be a orb? It happens at 2:50 near the picture or chart on the wall on the right side. It caught my eye. lol.

  4. The supercomputer thing is the chillblast fusion leviathan. It has a total of 56 ghz cpu and 48 gb ram, and somewhere around… 24 gb graphics ram. 8000£? I think.

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