17 Responses to HOW TO CREATE A GOOGLE ADSENSE ACCOUNT, Start making money now! – YOUPROBLOG.com

  1. Candice Vaz says:

    Thanks Greg, it’s a good lesson for beginners.

  2. mrhandgrenade100 says:

    heywen u make the vid about applying it to youtube can u send me a link

  3. WolfPac rooterbuster says:

    Can your YouTube channel be your website? Or do you have to pay taxes for that like you said?

  4. DonnWalkerTV says:

    thanks bro

  5. ItsGrantCasual says:

    I just want to be a youtube partner and my website doesnt have many paragraphs (like 2), anyways, i’m not trying to promote my website, i’m trying to promote my videos!

  6. youproblog says:

    but you’ll have to pay taxes though…

  7. youproblog says:

    You need to apply again. Google Youtube partner and you’ll find the page where you can apply. It does take some time before they’ll reply though.

  8. CODftwification says:

    how do you do this with your youtube channel? I got a message from youtube about adsense awhile ago but don’t have it anymore… Do I just put my channel link where it asks for the website?

  9. MasVrikes says:

    Thanks dude!

  10. youproblog says:

    no i’m not a youtube partner. There should be a list of countries normally.

  11. youproblog says:

    it doesn’t work anymore with blogger, or it has become more difficult. Get your own domain name and set a wordpress blog. Add some of your own quality articles and try again.

  12. youproblog says:

    it’s free, why should you pay???

  13. youproblog says:

    thank you :) there are a couple of ads yes which help me to keep the site. Server costs aren’t that cheap :)

  14. youproblog says:

    No, and if they do it won’t take long before you’ll get banned. trust me you won’t be the first one trying this.

  15. youproblog says:

    camtasia and you I don’t convert flv files to “movie” files. You can export your recording straight to avi.

  16. youproblog says:

    you’re welcome!

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