How to create a “My Map” in Google Maps

Go to Google Maps: | Google Maps Playlist | How to create personalized, annotated, customized maps using Google Maps.
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24 Responses to How to create a “My Map” in Google Maps

  1. MVJSTRIKES says:

    double click to finish drawing a rat

  2. deoxy999 says:

    I didn’t know until I watched the google stories channel.

  3. gavinjayanand says:

    Awesome video. What will you come up with next? Thanks Google!

  4. Transavia2009 says:


  5. Nachalnika says:

    could this be used in fsx ?

  6. liuton2005 says:

    Google is such a great public service. :)

  7. LsBaba says:

    A very helpful guide to getting started with Google My Maps.  Thank you.

  8. crosales925 says:

    wow what a helpfull video! two thumbs up!

  9. Facethelight says:

    for kids you can ccreate a fake little map for kids playing guns, like a stratagy

  10. KBHfreak says:

    Like i didnt know??

  11. kirnkhan says:

    thank you

  12. jimaaaa says:

    Is there still the distance measurement tool? I can’t find it now…

  13. sketchybmxer says:

    if you make a custom map like this,can anyone tell me if its possible for visitors to my website to add there own markers?

  14. Shahid Jutt says:

    verey help full video thanks for making and sharing..

  15. KRUKnKUIPpwnSCULLY says:

    excellent video…lol i’ve probably walked this route millions of times

  16. HQMaster66 says:

    nice vid

  17. TheFlyingCookies says:

    Woah.. I dind’t even know you could do this =S

  18. Mezhona says:

    you know the one that made this.. is google? 😛

  19. Bharath Ganesh says:


  20. ITubeSheTubes says:

    But as someone already pointed out before paths cannot be edited. Make a mistake and start from scratch. Did I miss something here? The demo craftly avoid any corrections.

  21. Michael Barfield says:

    Is there anyway to number the placemarks. I need to create a map and be able to have multiple points in a city and label them somehow. There are to many to just just different colors. I really need to be able to number or letter the placemarks.

  22. StoptheEvilWikimapia says:

    This Google My Maps is much more better than the communist compulsory polygon feature to add a placemark.

  23. lostprophette says:

    ok so i want to add marks but i dont c any of those marks that should be at the top left of the map in this video.. wat to do??

  24. downtownseattle says:

    You did an awesome job on this. Very clear directions.

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