How to Create a Useless Website

How to Create a Useless Website
Event on 2014-03-19 18:00:00
How to Create a Useless Website Wednesday, March 19Indiana Wesleyan University1500 Alliant Ave6:00pm-8:00pm 

To a lot of businesses, websites are considered the most important sales tool available — once built, they’re essentially cost-free 24/7 advocates for our services. Whether it’s to inform leads, support existing customers, satisfy the curious, or even swagger proudly before the competition, we build sites as testaments to everything we offer and all that we believe in. 

Unfortunately and often, however, this is an ineffective promotional platform. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll end up talking to an audience that has no interest in listening. (And that’s best case. Odds are most of them won’t even know how to find you.) 

Mightily, a Louisville-based online communications firm that was founded in 2000 as Xstreme Media and recently rebranded, presents “How to Create a Useless Website.” 

Lesa Seibert, CEO; Pip Pullen, President; and Joshua Stone, Director of Digital Strategy will be presenting, and each will speak on this topic from a different — but related — point of view. 

Lesa is an online pioneer and entrepreneur with experience in SEO and SEM; Pip is an authority on branding and advertising; and Joshua is one of the most respected data scientists in the region, with expertise in lead generation and online business strategies.

Together, they will:

  • Discuss how the nature of conversation on the web has changed, and how to use it to your advantage.
  • Help you understand and execute on the value of your brand, both off- and online.
  • Explain why the pathways to your site are just as important as the site itself.
  • Give you tips on creating and maintaining interest in your site.
  • Offer great tactical advice on increasing traffic to your site.
  • Explore some of the many social media outlets that exist, and explain how you can use them to support your brand.
  • Provide insight into why qualified traffic is important — and worth paying for.
  • Review good and bad website-building practices.
  • Be available to talk one-on-one about specific issues.

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at Wesleyan University
1500 Alliant Ave
Louisville, United States

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