How to Create a VPN Server on Ubuntu 12.04

How to install and configure all software necessary to host a VPN on an Ubuntu 12.04 VPS. Full tutorial with copy and paste commands available at http://geek…
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  1. Yes that is the contents of the openvpn.conf you saw me copy and paste. The whole config file is available on my site linked to in the description. You can paste copied text into putty with Shift+Insert.

  2. but when i run the OpenVPN client and try to connect, it keep showing “Connecting…”. I’ll analyse the logs to see what’s going on

  3. I’ve edited the file as you did. But the problem was that i was logged as a regular user, and doing all the commands using “sudo”. I’m new to linux and i thought that doing a sudo was like running the command as a root, but it doesn’t seems to be the case. Now i’ve got openvpn service started, but i still have a problem that i’ll have to figure out. I’ve configured my openvpn client on my computer, and i’ve setuped the file properly (udp/1194 with proper CRT & KEY files), with my IP

  4. Did you edit the “export EASY_RSA” location in the vars file? Do you have read/write access to that location with the account you’re setting up the VPN from?

  5. That “Please source the vars script first” appear when we use “clean-all”. It have nothing to do with pkitool at the wrong place. But i’ve done what you did, and i’ve got the same result

  6. This is a documented bug fixed by copying pkitool to another location. The following command will copy it to another place where it should work correctly. cp pkitool ../

  7. I have tried this a few times to make sure i didn’t miss a step or anythin but every time i enter ./easy-rsa/clean-all i get the response; Please source the vars script first (i.e. “source ./vars”) make sure you have edited it to reflect your configuration. I tried entering the command source ./vars and then going through it again but got the same response. the only other thing i think could help is that when you do nano /easy-rsa/vars i dont know what you use to save the changes. i hit ctrl o.

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