How to Create Awesome Content and How to Make it ‘Viral’ – July 15th 2015

How to Create Awesome Content and How to Make it ‘Viral’ – July 15th 2015
Event on 2015-07-15 10:00:00

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Content Marketing Masterclass


How to Create Awesome Content and How to Make it go 'viral'


Please join us at our Masterclass and learn how we have managed to get our clients coverage in the Mail, Times, Huffington Post, Vogue, Telegraph, Buzzfeed, Yahoo Finance and many more with little more than a bit of imagination and clever seeding.




Content Marketing is, we believe, the safest and most efficient way of garnering traffic to your website and increasing your sales. There really is no SEO shortcut anymore.

 We have seen many clients struggling to build exposure for their brand online with Facebook and Twitter being the limit of their vision.

 The possibilities of using of social media channels are exciting and they can be very powerful. It can also be vexing to know how to get a Return on Investment.  Our Masterclass will show you how to grow your visibility online

Previous comments:

"I found it more personal (in a positive sense) than I was anticipating. I liked the fact that there was a relatively small group as well, rather than being lost in a sea of people at the back of a lecture theatre."

 "I was expecting to be terribly confused, but I received a snappy, informative education on the workings of online content and what flies on the web."

"I really enjoyed all the presentations. Tone was spot on- informative but still a little jovial to keep you engaged over a sustained period of listening."

"I wanted to get some magical nuggets of information that I could use and act on with regard to making site content better, more engaging and get a wider audience . I also wanted to assess the credibility of Datadial as a potential professional consultancy resource for the future."

"I was very happy with the style. Relaxed and a good sense of humour."

"I wanted it all to be broken down in the simplest way, and it was as I am NOT technical. I was expecting to be taught how to create content…but it was better than I expected because not only did we learn about it, but we had to really think about ideas and mock ups – What was even better was that people helped us. I was also given lots of websites and bloggers websites for me to then go away and find ways to create content."

"I would recommend to anyone if they need the help with marketing and getting their name out there."

"Everyone spoke differently which worked well to the slides. Matt at the end powered through the technical stuff because that didn't need to be written down and it is more just to show how big Google are, so that was good how he got to the point. Joe was very patient with everyone, it was good that he said we could ask questions along the way it helped everyone to really understand it."

"I liked the way they only put a few bullet points on the board and then spoke instead of a lot of reading. Listening to speaking is better than reading the writing to take notes."


In our Masterclass you will learn

 What constitutes great content

What makes content go 'viral'?

How to optimise your page to maximise the sharing of content

What is seeding?

How to seed on social platforms

How to pay for seeding

How to use outreach

How to measure results



Presented by:

Joe Shervell – Head Content Strategist

Matthew Sawyer- Head of SEO

     Michael Sparkes – Technical SEO 


at Regus Offices
2 Queen Caroline Street
Abbey Wood, United Kingdom

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