How to Create Video Marketing Success in 90 Days

How to Create Video Marketing Success in 90 Days
Event on 2013-09-27 10:00:00


Know you need to do video marketing but not sure where to begin? or are your existing efforts on YouTube not producing a return on investment? then this course is for you. 

Aim:  Help directors and marketing managers explore how video marketing can help them accelerate lead generation and generate more sales within 30 to 90 days. We’ll cover all you need to know from:

  • What really makes video effective marketing and communications
  • 7 step 90 day methodology covering…
    • where to begin 
    • what to create and the options out there from video blogs, actors to animations
    • how to design and deliver great video content
    • production options and techniques and typical costs
    • latest video distribution methods and video SEO
    • mixing video with collaborative and social media marketing
    • tele-videomarketing 
    • metrics and measurement of ROI
  • CHOOSE FROM TWO BOOKING Options: Course Only for £95 or FREE with your first Video News PR or Promotional Video.
    • Book the above course for £95 per head.
    • If you order a 90 second video PR or promotion as part of you ticket, then the course is FREE and you will have the opportunity to script and create their own corporate branded 60 second promotion or video news PR article.

This masterclass is packed with case-studies on ways to develop video as a sales channel.  

About The Course Trainers:

The course will lead by Director, John Allard

Over 20 years of e-commerce and video marketing experience. John's first venture into internet video marketing was whilst as a National Manager at IBM winning major project to build the first Medical TV channels for Boerhringer Ingelheim and a Doctors TV channel with Wolrd Health Networks. He went on to found Wellness Checkpoint in the UK an internet eLearning service. Later he worked on numerous e-Commerce and business transformation projects with major Banks and retailers like Tesco Home Phone. He's the founder of My Video Express and has worked on over 100 video marketing projects video marketing projects with companies ranging from major international education and telcos to SMEs in all sectors from International schools, software companies, medical/pharma training companies, green energy, recruitment, export and technical engineering specialists.

Guest presenter: CEO of Rapid Sales Solutions, Victoria Beale

Victoria runs a successful marketing agency that runs local and national event driven campaigns. She be covering success techniques using video with other forms of marketing to generate sales success. 



David Crabb – Managing Director at Cambridge Online Systems says "John has an obvious passion for his work, having the skill and experience to deliver on his ideas. He has helped us stretch our thinking that will help our business grow, representing excellent marketing guidance beyond just recording of video content, which in itself has been successful."

Craig Verster – Executive Director says "John's unique ability to understand our business and provide consistent leadership on video and social media has made him an excellent business partner. 

Video Expression translated our business and market needs into practice by delivering professional high quality videos and video marketing capabilities that transformed our adoption of video and social media. 

Lynn Shrimpton,  Clinical Pre-sales Consultant at Plain Healthcare Ltd says "John quickly grasped what we needed for our videos and produced excellent results providing good value for money within a tight delivery timeframe. The company is very responsive to queries and worked well with us throughout the project. Communication was also very good and we would not hesitate to use John and his team again for our future video production.

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