How to Cut Your Own Hog from Ask The

How to Cut Your Own Hog from Ask The

1 Hour and 15 minute long DVD On how to cut, wrap and freeze a hog. This DVD shows the breakdown of the entire hogs. We demonstrate how to cut and wrap a hog into pork steaks, pork chops, ham, bacon and sausage.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. brianadams429 says:

    Danrob72, you are correct. I think williescountrymeats has the best video of all. I think he did his before all of these other guys.

  2. rals301 says:

    wheres the rest of it? I need to know mooore lol If you got time.

  3. KiingOfSwag says:

    All I Have To Do Now Is Burn His Meat And Crush His Bones And Police Is Not Goin To Find No Evedence MUhahahaha

  4. MrDanrob62 says:

    if you type in how to butcher a deere at home, willies country meats has a very good video in about 4 parts. The guy is a little corny, but he really knows his stuff. I watched it over and over, and then tried it, and didn’t do half bad, thanks to the instructional.

  5. DragunzGirl says:

    this is not a full vid, umm where is the full one of this? also i need a deer one to…

  6. bigzeke60 says:

    yea if its in a cool place

  7. rumble1892 says:

    Any advantage to letting the pig hang a couple days?

  8. TheBooneHillbilly says:

    um yeah stupid we are animals….

  9. glasseverywhere says:

    A+ thanks for this info..

  10. jbone0987 says:

    where is part 2 ????

  11. thebibleisfiction says:

    great video

  12. whiteindianone says:

    thank you. i need this info.

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