How to design websites that mirror how our eyes work

How to design websites that mirror how our eyes work
The F-Pattern describes the most common user eye-scanning patterns when it comes to blocks of content. The F refers to the reader first scanning a horizontal line across the top of the screen, as is understandable for cultures that read left-to-right …
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Russia just made a ton of Internet memes illegal
Those laws now ban, per Roskomnadzor's announcement, memes that picture public figures in a way that “has no relation to [their] personality,” parody accounts and parody Web sites. If a public figure believes such a site or meme … Still, if the …
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Share “13 countries with the most amount of…”
The study rated the 26 most populous countries across the world on their government restriction index, which, as a Pew Research Center study explained in February, is a 1 to 10 point ranking that looks at a country's government policies on religion and …

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