How To Do Keyword Research For Youtube – Youtube Marketing Challenge Welcome to the 3rd week of the Youtube Marketing Challenge. Inside this video you are going to learn how to do keyword research for your Youtube videos. We give you 4 important criteras to help you find the best keywords so you have the greatest chance of success. Watch the video to discover how you can find the best keywords for your niche and record the right videos for your Youtube channel to get more views and more subscribers. Websites mentioned inside the video # Keyword Research Webinar: # Market Samurai FREE download: If you missed the first video, don’t worry you can still enter the challenge, simply by submitting your video response to: Each week we will select the best video responses and post them inside the following week’s video. So make sure you get your video response to us early! ————- NOTE: You can follow all the challengers and their progress at: ————- You can watch this video on Youtube:
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22 Responses to How To Do Keyword Research For Youtube – Youtube Marketing Challenge

  1. 5minvideomarketing says:

    Hi Shawn, it’s cool. Just approved it and we understand you were travelling. Looking forward to watching more videos from you. Thanks.

  2. 5minvideomarketing says:

    Thanks Kelly, just approved it and looks great!

  3. AYRENvids says:

    I’ve just sent in my video response.

  4. MyChineseBusiness says:

    i added my video response sorry for it being so late

  5. 5minvideomarketing says:

    Hi Kelly, Thanks. Please send your video response in alongside your keywords. It’s good that you tried and we will give you merit on your efforts. Looking forward to seeing it.

  6. AYRENvids says:

    I actually sent you a message with my 2 keywords (because I just couldn’t find 5 good enough ones), do I still have to make a video? Also, I basically have a video done for this week’s challenge with my extremely bad camera.

  7. 5minvideomarketing says:

    Hi Kelly, you can submit it by the end of the week and I hope you can get your computer working by then. We know it takes a bit of time for keyword research which is why we gave everyone 2 weeks to do this challenge. We know you will get there so keep it up.

  8. AYRENvids says:

    How much time until the challenge closes? I’m still having problems with my personal computer and am desperately trying to find a way to still be able to make the video. Also, I haven’t found all the required keywords yet, it’s harder than I thought to come up with these.

  9. 5minvideomarketing says:

    That’s okay. Thanks for that and it’s a great video to watch as well. Cheers.

  10. ITSergioFelix says:

    Video has been submitted guys! Also, sorry for the delay. I will submit my videos a lot earlier from now on. 😉

  11. AngelicaJul Yngayo says:

    I’ve herd Keyword Scout is good, has anyone tried it? 

  12. apon41 says:

    I’ve heard Keyword Scout is good, has anyone tried it?

  13. 1SourceSEO says:

    The Video Marketing landscape is changing everyday. your video was on point and can help local businesses.

  14. Tadek59 says:

    The interesting video !

  15. AYRENvids says:

    When I’m doing this challenge, do I have to record my keyword research or can I just make a video saying what were the keywords that I found?

  16. 5minvideomarketing says:

    Yes they are now. Thanks and I’ve also left a few comments on your videos – welcome to the challenge.

  17. AYRENvids says:

    I have resubmitted them now. Are they showing up?

  18. 5minvideomarketing says:

    Thank you. Unfortunately none of them have been submitted. Please try and resubmit them? Cheers.

  19. AYRENvids says:

    I believe I have caught up with you guys :) I have sent in my two video response to your previous videos.

  20. 5minvideomarketing says:


  21. 5minvideomarketing says:

    Hi Sirlegna, yes that’s right. 2 weeks for you to do your keyword research. If you get it done faster, then that’s great.

  22. luv6pup90660 says:

    Very well done.. Much respect.. Thumbs up! 

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