How to do Local SEO | The Top 4 Secrets On Local SEO

Discover the top 4 secrets on how to do local SEO and dominate your niche. See hands-on case studies at This video…

17 thoughts on “How to do Local SEO | The Top 4 Secrets On Local SEO

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  2. Local SEO can be as easy as pie if you just know what you’re doing. Contrary to what others think, you don’t need rocket science to do your local SEO. While there are tons of things that you can do for your local SEO, the video shared is PACKED with golden nuggets. Kudos to you for the share. Awesome video!

  3. hi charles crawford. can you give me the lists of high ranking directories. im new in this businees. im trying to familiarize in SEO business. thank you. and great video by the way. i learned something from it.

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