How to Do the Robot

In order to do the robot in dance, it’s important to know how to be grounded and how to sink in with the shoulders. Discover how to move stop and start points with the music when doing the robot with help from a dancing instructor and entertainer in this free video on doing the robot. Expert: CJ Kendricks Contact: Bio: CJ Kendricks is an instructor, entertainer and artist who has attacked the stage at the Dirty South Awards. Filmmaker: Aderemi Simmons

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21 Responses to How to Do the Robot

  1. Fresco Rade says:

    вышла на танец

  2. RaskelEdits says:

    i will be sure to oblige just for you sweetheart

  3. mochi iwasaki says:

    がを踊るってシャツおかしい・・・ ↑ 「が」ってつけなくてもいいんじゃない?

  4. Desteny Kira says:

    And you should learn how to spell.

  5. RaskelEdits says:

    alright thx for tryin man but ur teaching everyone wrong u yourself should re learn how and then re teach everyone so that everyone will actually know how to do it

  6. InsaneGamerTron says:

    273 :)

  7. B3AKM says:

    Hahah awesome

  8. diggirr7 says:

    i wasted 2 min and 11 secs of life seeing this crap of robot dance

  9. TheOfficialDudoublen says:

    aint that dimestopping ??? robotting different a int it but stilll helpfull tho cheers bro

  10. dievi says:

    u talk to much men shiiiit

  11. maximisxxx says:

    HOW!!!! Its possible

  12. mysteriousICEROOT says:

    No he does not deserve any kind of respect, because hes not even doing the robot. Seriously.. wtf 😛

  13. Flea5000000000 says:

    that sir is very cool.

  14. Wierdoinc says:

    ey you a busta CJ

  15. junjun19840816 says:

    Amazing…! Please watch my dance!→junjun19840816

  16. mjethva26 says:

    Why You No Go To Step Up Movies ! :S

  17. MrMeekaaa says:

    thats creepy

  18. Jun Bin Jiang says:

    nice dancin

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