How To Do Video SEO Pt 1: Content – YouTube Marketing Challenge Inside this week’s challenge you’ll learn about Online Video SEO and why content is so important. You’ll discover three great tips to help so create content videos that rank well in YouTube and Google. NOTE Each week we will select the best video responses and post them inside the following week’s video. So make sure you get your video response to us early! Remember to subscribe to our channel on Youtube and leave a comment below as we would like to hear from you. ——– Video Highlights: 0:28 – This week’s tip intro about Content 0:40 – Make sure you have regular content/videos on Youtube 0:52 – Do video keyword research 1:05 – Create evergreen content or how-to tutorials on Youtube regularly 1:26 – Bonus tip – put your keywords into your channel and playlist 1:41 – Rules of this week’s challenge 2:11 – Last week’s video responses ——– If you want to check out any additional behind the scenes, bloopers and interact with our community, visit our Facebook page at: ——-

9 thoughts on “How To Do Video SEO Pt 1: Content – YouTube Marketing Challenge

  1. Hey Sergio, it’s all good. We get busy as well and we’ve been inundated with client work. Though we have been doing our best to keep these videos up. Hopefully we can get a new one up by next week too. Thanks

  2. thank u Joe. u have answered my questions. i will work on ur advice and whatever happens i will keep u updated. all the best, keep doing the great work u r already doing and stay blessed.

  3. Hi, if you have a low budget, try the free programs offered on PC such as Movie Maker. Alternatively Sony Vegas is quite affordable as well. Lastly, try Fiverr they have some video editors that could do your edits quite cheaply. Thanks.

  4. Hello Joe am also facing problems with editing in general. I’ve heard about ScreenFlow, Camtasia and so many softwares but am confused and have no clue as to how to go about it. I have a very low budget and i need to create a video for a webinar. In this video i need graphics and some little animation to make a great video. All i want to ask if u can link me to the folks/companies whom u outsource your videos to and how much it will cost.

  5. thank you so much for your explanation! I have understood the meaning. I´ll try to do a video about an “Evergreen topic” … The problem is to choose a topic and to make a video: when you are a doctor and you do not know anything about videos, filming, edition, this task is a mess!

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