How to Double Your Brain Power! (Great Stuff!) – Part 1

Part 2 Part 3 Brian Tracy (The Author of this AMAZING video!) is one of America’s leading authorities…
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22 thoughts on “How to Double Your Brain Power! (Great Stuff!) – Part 1

  1. TJD005 Thank you I had the same exact ideas when I was twevle but never told anyone.but what it is strange about your comments it is actually word for word or thought for thought.

  2. True, true, but scary for the people around you. You can play with a dreams, and solve problems in a dreams- solve problems thro a different scenarios, play movies or just have fun… 🙂 Enjoy.

  3. If you went back in time and told people that you were a collection of atoms that are determined solely on the probability of reacting, wouldnt you be greeted with skepticism?

  4. Here’s how I view the issue. Our brains are a composition of numerous atoms which make numerous molecules that interact and react to create a system of electrical signals through different medians that all alone are random particles that seem meaningless, but together they somehow create a being that is able to comprehend the different parts that compose it. Doesnt this seem just as unlikely as a collection of humans that interact creating a greater consciousness?

  5. The area here is too small to develop ideas fully. I never said anything like repeating verbatim conversations from anesthesia accounts for (some) universal consciousness. I brought it up as an aside from a previous reference to unusual brain things. I don’t doubt that there’s a tie in to be made but i don’t remember what it was now. I know its there in my subconscious mind and it’ll come up again when it’s important.

  6. …answer the question and I’ll demonstrate to you that defining God /god doesn’t matter nor does even acknowledging the existence of a God matter. So whether you are an atheist and don’t care to acknowledge the existence of God or a religious fundamentalist and are offended by equating god with science ; it still amounts to the same thing. It doesn’t matter. Answer the question and I’ll show you why…. Not asking you to believe in god if you don’t ;not trying to trick you into saying U do.

  7. Wrong; It’s a hypothetical. It’s not necessary for you to define the term God. I didn’t ask you to. Use someone else’s ; there are plenty to choose from. Whether you think it possible to nail it down or not doesn’t matter I’m sure you understand the General concept of it and that’s all that matters for the purpose of this question. You can substitute ‘higher power’, ‘super computer’, ‘ultimate self’…the second part of the question is what matters. Not asking you to be saved or join a club.

  8. This boils down to the same thing every time. If you focus on what you want or dream about and really work for it, eventually you will get there. But you have to be somewhat realistic. You cant grow wings and eat mountains. But you don’t have to let probability let you down. You can never be an entrepreneur if you are realistic from the beginning. Be passionate work for it and you´ll get your reward. What I don’t like about these kind of lecture is that they always link money as success.

  9. Because in the past people personified natural phenomenon giving it human or animal characteristics. Explaining the phenomenon like a fable. The definition of God is the creator and ruler of the universe. So when it came to things they could not fully explain they’d say God did it. Like when they saw lightning come down people would say Thor or Zeus did it.

  10. “Energy” is not “God”. She is talking about (I believe) a God who created the universe; she believes “God” answers prayers, who cares for her, who intervenes in the natural universe, who cares about what she believes, who will have open arms for her when she dies etc. This is clearly not “Energy” that I believe she is talking about and to merge the two is to play semantic games. I could be wrong but I guarantee the “God” she believes in, is exactly the kind I explained here; not energy.

  11. “If” your mind is entangled, “if” the analogy holds, those are big “IF”s. “People have come out of anesthesia repeating verbatim the conversation in the operating room” So what? how would that ever account for some universal consciousness?

  12. And I answered you that I do not define “god”, and furthermore, you assume that a definition of mine would allow for a connection to be possible. Thus your question is non-sensical and a “direct yes or no” will therefore not suffice.

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