How to download things using Isohunt and Vuze.

This basicly teaches you how to install things with Isohunt and Vuze. Towards the end I got an update, Just accept it, unlike i was doing i was getting frust…
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14 Responses to How to download things using Isohunt and Vuze.

  1. Lo314 says:

    Any idea why the green “download torrent” button in top left coner isn’t showing up for me on isohunt… it did all yesterday, not anymore tho. 

  2. Jaz906 says:

    No idea sorry, I don’t own one. D:

  3. CasGraffiti says:

    can this be done on ipad if so how?

  4. Jaz906 says:

    No problem, glad to have helped!

  5. Mizah Arasi says:

    thank you for sharing :)

  6. Jaz906 says:

    No problem :), this was one of my first videos and I didn’t make it very well. If there are any other problems, feel free to ask!

  7. Cat Davis says:

    Thanks… really helpful

  8. tom jones says:

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  9. wowcicey says:


  10. Jaz906 says:

    not too sure sorry

  11. benhartery says:

    Htc desire s?!

  12. Jaz906 says:

    Which mobile?

  13. benhartery says:

    How can u do it via mobile??

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